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Choosing The Perfect RV

When it comes to buying an RV there are several questions you should ask yourself before you make your final decision. There are so many factors that go into RV living that you need to make sure you cover all your bases before you choose which one to buy. Here are some important questions every […]

Anasazi Petroglyphs – St. George

Looking for a short and interesting hike here in sunny St. George? Check out the Anasazi Petroglyphs. There are plenty of hikes in St. George and surrounding areas that are way cool, but how many have petroglyphs, glimpses into the past natives that used to rule these lands? Not many. The Anasazi Petroglyphs are some […]

June Events Calendar – St. George

Summer is finally here! That means more events and even more fun things will be happening here in St. George! We are super excited, especially for June as there are some pretty cool things that will be going on. We have compiled a list of all the major events happening this month to help out […]

Kanarraville Falls – Kanarra Creek Trail

Photo Credit:<href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15474027021/in/photolist-sgUhiS-q4Xoad-a41K7i-eUL5pq-E5hAe-dkw3wy-d723Xq-E5hbo-rZsoC9-E5h3a-pMt72Z-fiuYzT-rZAiZB-dtyPbd-rk3Zfh-a1Vifs-sh3FxK-pzor8k-gVFBUz-hPhu6J-nvcUK5-eMXWut-34VK7B-E5h51-BbKKew-sgZRTM-picq65-E5hsi-nMDzvQ-bUoVhA-bra3qj-q4DkZg-o2UejH-E5hq1-bktZr1-E5h6V-a44Btw-eK7JoF-cAJru1-pD8Gzm-a1Srap-dkw1KV-fiKcNA-E5hkG-gbexT6-rZtqQ5-cAJryY-sh4356-duaeCc-pgM3bR” title=”DSC07304″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Randy Landry on flickr This is such a fun hike to take, especially in the summer months! This is a 4.8 mile roundtrip hike, and usually takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete. This hike is located just east of Kanarraville, Ut. You will get wet on this hike, it is a […]

Things to do for kids in St. George Utah

Coming to St. George for a family vacation, but worried about what the kiddos will have to do? Yeah hiking is always a good option here, but what about other activities? Surprisingly, there is a lot more to do in St. George for kids then you would think! St. George has multiple outdoor parks located […]

Dining In St. George

St. George offers a plethora of different cuisine and dining experiences. From Asian and Mexican to Italian and everything in-between. Here we pride ourselves on the amount of locally owned restaurants we have and we love to show off our locals culinary skills. Here is a list of 5 locally owned and ran restaurants that […]

Snow Canyon Overlook (the Red Mountain Trail)

This hike will take you to one of St.George’s favorite canyon viewpoints. I mean wow! Talk about vertigo-inducing! This overlook is absolutely breathtaking and invigorating. I was not prepared for what waited for me at the end of this trail. The hike is about 4.8 miles roundtrip and is fairly easy for even the most […]

Snow Canyon Lava Tubes!

Most everyone comes to St. George for its beautiful natural landscapes and its proximity to popular Zion National Park as well as how close it is to Vegas and Bryce Canyon and many more fun and exciting places! But what about what is going on underground? That’s right, under the earth. If you are looking […]


Tuacahn Amphitheater is nestled picture-perfectly amongst a majestic red rock canyon in St. George, Utah. Every production is both captivating and enchanting, but there is more to the experience than just the show! We are giving you the inside scoop, with ten tips to make you enjoy your experience at Tuacahn even more. 1. Arrive in Style  Caroline’s 7th birthday […]