Delightful Dining in Utah’s Dixie

Fresh roses at the entrances of every grocery store in town; red and pink hearts as far as the eye can see. February, the month of friendship and love, is officially upon us, leaving us with the question as to, which dining experience will we venture out and try this year on the 14th. With Templeview RV being located in the center of St. George, your access to the amazing venues are endless.

When it comes to dining, the atmosphere of you dine is just as important as the quality of the food. St. George offers a variety of venues for that perfect Valentine’s Day dinner. Looking for a more upscale sit down for the evening? Cliffside Restaurant offers a stunning view of the St. George valley. Painted Pony offers the same feel of upscale in the heart of the Historic Downtown District of St. George. Looking for dinner and a “show”? Enjoy one of St. George’s Hibachi Grill experiences with Sakrua Japanese Steakhouse as well as Ninja Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi which is under new management! Enjoy an amazing meal that is prepared right before your eyes!

Whether you opt for the fancier upscale settings of Cliffside Restaurant, overlooking the town, The Painted Pony and George’s Corner, located in downtown st. george, or wanting a Hibachi Grill experience of Sakura & Ninja Steakhouse, St. George has the venue you and your sweetheart are looking for.

This time I really mean it…

2017 has officially arrived and with it a whole new list of resolutions! It seems that every year we make resolutions that we have every intention of keeping. The best of them may last a day or two. Most of them die the second they leave our lips. Resolutions to be healthier; to spend more time with family; the list goes on and on. If you would like to make a resolution that you can really keep consider adding the following one to your resolution list; Spend more time enjoying the beauty of Southern Utah.

Temple View RV is located near the center of town and offers a quick commute to some of the most amazing views that Southern Utah has to offer. Take a quick 5 minute drive up to the “Sugar Loaf” as locals call it. There you can enjoy the paths and desert life in the Red Hills Desert Garden, as well as the hikes and adventures of Pioneer Park, which offers an amazing overlook of the city of St. George.

Whether you’re visiting for the weekend, the winter season, or have decided to call St. George home, don’t miss out on the amazing beauty that Southern Utah has to offer!

Anasazi Petroglyphs – St. George

Looking for a short and interesting hike here in sunny St. George? Check out the Anasazi Petroglyphs. There are plenty of hikes in St. George and surrounding areas that are way cool, but how many have petroglyphs, glimpses into the past natives that used to rule these lands? Not many. The Anasazi Petroglyphs are some of the most popular and best preserved here in St. George.

anasazi ridge petroglyphs
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Weller on flickr

The hike is considered moderate due to some climbing and some rough patches on the trail, but it is easy enough to take the little ones with you. It is a 3.5 mile hike all the way in, but the petroglyphs become visible about 1.2 miles in. Make sure to bring water as it is a little bit of a trudge and St. George is very hot.

To access the trailhead you will drive west on Santa Clara Drive until you see the Junction sign and River Reserve sign, there you will turn in and follow the gravel road until you see the Anasazi Ride Trailhead sign, from there you can park and start hiking on the east side of the parking lot marked as Tempi’Po’Op or ‘Rock Writing’. The trail will travel up the slope of ‘Land Hill’, a geographic rock formation where the ancestral Puebloans and Souther Paiute used heavily.

As you continue the hike you will be able to capture panoramic views of the red rock surroundings, Snow Canyon State Park and Santa Clara. This really is a beautiful and interesting hike for the family to enjoy. Once to the petroglyphs, you will be able to see almost perfectly preserved rock writings that have been there for thousands of years, scientists are still trying to determine just how old some of these petroglyphs really are!

Make sure that you do not climb on the rocks with petroglyphs on them, deface any of the petroglyphs, or touch them. As said before, these are very old ancient writings that have been well preserved, and should remain that way.

Enjoy your hike, and take in the history of this beautiful land!