Facts & Fiction about Renting an RV for Your Family Vacation

What makes an ultimate family vacation? For many, it is hitting down the road with the family on an RV. Is this statement fact or fiction? To settle the issue, here are details about renting an RV for a family vacation.

Fiction: Renting an RV may be a vacation cost-saver. A plane ticket is more expensive but even an RV does not come out cheaper since you have to pay daily rental costs, mileage, gas (a lot) and, of course, the insurance.


Fact: RV rental costs vary. Research the nationwide rental companies like CruiseAmerica to motorhome private rental listings. There are plenty of choices. Then compare the service and the cost.

Fiction: RVs are like buses, even resembling elaborate tour buses. These are clunky and hard to drive.

Fact: RV sizes differ but it is not as big as a full size van. Visit GoRving.com for it has a tool to compare sizes of RVs. You may be frightened driving an RV at the start, but after getting the feel of the drive, you will realize it is like driving a bigger version of your own car.

Fiction: Taking an RV trip is as simple as putting your stuff from home in and going away. No worries about how to plan your trip, because it feels just like home!

Fact: RVs are supposed to be home on wheels in a smaller perspective. There are still comforts from home but you have lots of organizing and planning to do. Plan a healthy menu to avoid fast food stops along your route. Also plan a schedule for the family to use the restroom to avoid unnecessary stops. Consider the safety of everyone on board. Make sure all couches and bench seats are equipped with seat belts. Instruct kids not to run around while the RV is in motion.

Fiction: All campgrounds can support RVs the same way, so trust that all your needs are met when parking there.

Fact: Campgrounds differ in services and amenities. Yes, resort campgrounds like KOA and Camp Jellystone provide amenities like pools, playgrounds, and several daily activities, but the ordinary ones offer only flushing toilets and hiking trails. Inquire also about types of hook ups and the availability of electricity, water and dump facilities. These are important for a fun-filled vacation.

Fiction: Chances are, most of the time, RVs will offer comfortable beds. After all, your provider would want you to have a good sleep, right?

Fact: RV beds are not quite comfortable so check the sleeping arrangements of an RV before you rent it. Be sure that everyone will be comfortably rested for the night. It is good if the RV has a bunk bed. In fact, there are RVs that offer an over the cab bunk, or even a bunkhouse. Also check who will provide the beddings. You can even let the kids sleep in their sleeping bags.

Fiction: You can drive anywhere with an RV.

Fact: Yes, you can drive anywhere, but not easily as roads are difficult. For instance, the roads in National Parks (like the Black Hills) are too narrow and there are tunnels that are too low for an RV to pass through. Another concern is that once you hook the RV to campsite utilities, it is difficult to use it for exploring. Ask your rental company if they have a towing vehicle or if you can rent one at your destination.

Fiction: RV vacations are a stressful time that you will soon forget.

Fact: The right RV rental choice will make your road trip memorable. You will be the pilot leading the journey and create the adventure you want. You will be relaxed all the way as you know where to stop for lunch, where the restroom is located or a place to take a short rest.

Nothing can match an RV for a family vacation; enjoy the unlimited freedom of going your way to explore anywhere you wish.  Just follow where the ultimate family road trip will lead you!

Photo Credit: Virginia State Parks on flickr

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