How To Keep Kids Busy While Traveling In Your RV

Traveling with kids can be pretty rough, especially younger children and toddlers. So what do you do to keep them busy while on the road? Obviously the excitement of traveling in an RV cross country or even a short distance will wear off and they will start to get antsy. Luckily we have gathered some good tips to help alleviate some of that boredom that your little ones will feel.

Pack Favorite Toys/Games

Make sure you instruct your kids to pack some of their favorite toys and games to play with while driving.

Activities – At Least One A Day

Kids get restless and struggle to sit back and relax in the RV. So try planning at least one activity stop a day where you can let the little ones out to run, play and stretch those legs! Research places along your route to stop at, museums, parks, shops, etc.

Games – Family Fun

Playing road games will help keep those minds from wandering into boredom land! Play lots of road games, I-spy, License plate game, 20 questions, etc. Keeping those active minds busy while traveling (especially through rugged, ugly, desolate terrain) will help keep you sane and not having to hear “are we there yet” every 5 minutes!

Kid Friendly Camp Sites

Try finding campgrounds along the way that have amenities that suite your children’s recreational needs. Things like pools, game rooms and other fun activities for kids.

SplashMor @ CMoR Central Front Yard
Photo Credit: Children’s Museum of Richmond on flickr

Quiet Time – This One Is For The Adults

Set a certain amount of time each day that the kids will either need to read, color, take a nap or do something quiet and relaxing. This will help keep the adults sane while traveling.

So next time you venture out in the RV, be sure you have planned accordingly to keep the kids entertained as well!

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