Top Ten Things to do in St. George

Though many people travel to St. George for its closeness to Utah national park, the town itself is a wonderful place to explore. St. George is home to many gorgeous building, parks, and museums. These top ten things to do and see in St. George are great for the whole family and will give visitors unforgettable experiences.

St. George Temple

This gorgeous, towering white temple is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the United States. St. George Temple has a visitor’s center which is home to many historical pieces that tell the story of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The visitor’s center is staffed with knowledgeable people who are happy to answer questions about St. George Temple or the LDS religion. Visitors can walk the grounds of the temple and marvel at the gorgeous architecture and details in the design. Whether spending a few hours to pour over the wealth of information at this temple and visitor center or just driving by to admire the structure, St. George Temple is a must-see in St. George.

Pioneer Park

This incredible park in St. George is a wonderful place to visit to experience the beautiful red rock landscape of the area. The large rock that Pioneer Park is known for, which is called Sugarloaf or Dixie Rock, is a great place to climb for a gorgeous view of downtown St. George, White Dome, Zion National Park, and Arizona. This 360-degree view is a highlight of a trip to Pioneer Park. Also in the park are pavilions, BBQ pits, and a fire pit with amphitheater which make events at this park fun and easy. For a taste of the southern Utah outdoors, Pioneer Park is the perfect place to visit.

Red Hills Desert Garden

Guests can enjoy the plants, stream, and prehistoric landmarks at Utah’s first desert garden. Red Hills Desert Garden features 5,000 desert-dwelling, water-efficient plants throughout its five acres. Through the garden runs a 1,150-foot stream which is home to many different species of native fish. Another impressive thing to see while in the garden are the 200-million-year-old prehistoric footprints, which clearly show where dinosaurs walked along the landscape. This incredible garden gives guests an authentic and memorable desert experience.

Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site

Another LDS landmark, the Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site was home to Brigham Young during the last winters of his life. Brigham Young, who passed in 1877, was a leader of the LDS movement and played a large role in the Western settlement of the LDS community. Guests can visit this home, which is displayed as a living museum. All the pieces that fill the home are from the time of Brigham Young and walking through this home is a great way to learn about the LDS religion and their community.

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

Photo by Raymond Shobe

Built over a preserved prehistoric lake bed, St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site has a variety of prehistoric tracks to view. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures frequently used and crossed this lake hundreds of millions of years ago which left tracks across the area. Guests will view the tracks and learn all about the dinosaurs and other creatures who made them. This unique site will be a hit with the entire family.

St. George Children’s Museum

Learning and fun collide at St. George Children’s Museum. This museum is full of interactive rooms and exhibits which engage young minds and delight parents, as well. Children will discover science, music, art, and practical life on their journey through this museum. Those with children should be sure to include St. George Children’s Museum on their itinerary.


This community in southern Utah’s red rock country is a place unlike any other. This 2,000-acre community of fine homes, community amenities, and custom build sites is surrounded by protected lands. Guests can spend a few hours exploring Kayenta and visit the shops, art village, and scenic views. The memory of this beautiful community will be a long lasting one.

Town Square Park

Everyone can enjoy a day at Town Square Park. The park has many different water attractions, which everyone can play in to cool off on a hot St. George day. There are places to sit and relax and picnic tables, perfect for enjoying a nice lunch. Another fun feature for families in the park is the carousel. This park is the perfect place to rest after a busy day of site seeing in St. George.

St. George Tabernacle

Photo by Ken Lund

This religious and historical site is a wonderful place to visit to learn about the LDS community and pioneer history. The building, which was recently under construction, is a beautiful example of historic architecture. Guests can marvel at this beautiful building which played a large role in the settlement of the west.

Site Seeing Tours

Across St. George and the surrounding area, there is so much to see that it can be overwhelming for guests. When wandering without a plan or knowledge of the area, it is likely that many beautiful areas will be missed. Booking a site seeing tour with a local guide allows visitors to see not just the most popular areas, but also lots of beautiful hidden gems.

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