Kanarraville Falls – Kanarra Creek Trail

DSC07304Photo Credit:<href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15474027021/in/photolist-sgUhiS-q4Xoad-a41K7i-eUL5pq-E5hAe-dkw3wy-d723Xq-E5hbo-rZsoC9-E5h3a-pMt72Z-fiuYzT-rZAiZB-dtyPbd-rk3Zfh-a1Vifs-sh3FxK-pzor8k-gVFBUz-hPhu6J-nvcUK5-eMXWut-34VK7B-E5h51-BbKKew-sgZRTM-picq65-E5hsi-nMDzvQ-bUoVhA-bra3qj-q4DkZg-o2UejH-E5hq1-bktZr1-E5h6V-a44Btw-eK7JoF-cAJru1-pD8Gzm-a1Srap-dkw1KV-fiKcNA-E5hkG-gbexT6-rZtqQ5-cAJryY-sh4356-duaeCc-pgM3bR” title=”DSC07304″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Randy Landry on flickr

This is such a fun hike to take, especially in the summer months! This is a 4.8 mile roundtrip hike, and usually takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete. This hike is located just east of Kanarraville, Ut. You will get wet on this hike, it is a water trudge hike. Which is why it is perfect for the summer! On this hike you will need to walk through 3-8 inches of water. This is such a beautiful hike, full of greenery against the dark canyon walls.
The first part of the hike is a steep dirt road, which provides a view of the valley that is quite spectacular. Eventually the dirt road will aline next to a stream, then head into the canyon, where the real fun and beauty begins. Every so often you will need to cross the stream as it zig zags in and out of the trail. Much of the hike you will be walking through ankle deep water that can get pretty chilly, wet shoes are advised.
As you hike onward, you will shortly meet the mouth of Slot Canyon. This is one of the best places to take a break and relax before heading deeper into the canyon. Before long you will reach a waterfall, on the right there will be a large log with metal steps that you will need to climb to get to the top of the waterfall. Don’t worry too much, there are ropes attached to the wall next to the log that you can use to assist you as you climb, caution is advised especially at the top of the latter where it gets slick, the drop is about 12 ft.
If you decide to hike further beyond this waterfall you will come across more waterfalls that are a bit smaller, if you dare brave the cold water, you can slide down these falls which can be pretty exciting and fun! This is another place that is perfect to rest at and enjoy the views of the mountains that surround you.
This is a fun and family friendly hike that is beyond enjoyable and perfect for those scorching hot summer days!

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