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Things to do for kids in St. George Utah

Coming to St. George for a family vacation, but worried about what the kiddos will have to do? Yeah hiking is always a good option here, but what about other activities? Surprisingly, there is a lot more to do in St. George for kids then you would think!

St. George has multiple outdoor parks located in various parts of town, with water features, climbing walls and more. Other than parks there are quite a few recreational places dedicated to kids of all ages.

There is Fiesta Fun which offers an array of different activities from bowling and laser tag to bumper boats, go-cart races and batting cages. Similar to Fiesta Fun is Laser Mania which also offers laser tag and bumper cars, with one of the coolest blacklight mini golf/maze area’s that I have ever seen.

House of Jump is a very exciting place and a good way to get those little ones energy out! It is located inside of a large warehouse, most of the floor and some walls are covered in trampolines. Kids can jump, run and bounce all around!

Mystery Escape Room is a new attraction to St. George! Reserve your spot for your next trip with your little ones. This attraction requires you to use your brain to crack riddles and puzzles to move to the next room and eventually escape! You will need a group of 6 or more to be eligible, this is a team building attraction.

The Dinosaur Museum here in St. George is really interesting and very cool for youngsters! Give your child the opportunity to see life size replicas of the great T-Rex as well as see real life dinosaur tracks from when they roamed this very desert!

One of the coolest places above all though to take your kids, would have to be the Children’s Museum. This is a museum of creativity, learning, exploring and so much more! Each room is themed differently with exciting and challenging activities for your little ones to do.


Take your kids to one of these and let us know in the comments how it went!

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