Snow Canyon Lava Tubes!

Most everyone comes to St. George for its beautiful natural landscapes and its proximity to popular Zion National Park as well as how close it is to Vegas and Bryce Canyon and many more fun and exciting places! But what about what is going on underground? That’s right, under the earth. If you are looking for a fun day hike to take in St. George, check out Snow Canyon State Parks Lava Tubes!

There are so many hidden caves all around St. George’s desert terrain. More popular would be the Snow Canyon lava caves, located in Snow Canyon State Park. The hike to get to them is marked and easy with a stunning scenic backdrop of the red and white sandstone hills and contrasting black lava rock. Once you reach the gaping hole in the ground, you can climb in and explore the world below. Be sure to take flashlights and extra batteries.

The hike into the cave starts with a fairly large opening, that you will need to climb in carefully using stealth and good balance. Once you get into the cave, there will be a small opening where the hike downward begins. You will hike through a confining space with some low duck areas, until finally you will reach a large room which is the ending of the cave.

This hike can be very fun and enjoyable for all ages, and at most takes about two hours.

Please be courteous of the land around you and below you. Take everything out that you took with you, no littering please. You will want to wear closed toe shoes. Graffiti and litter are illegal and are the biggest threats against getting the caves closed.

For more information on hiking, wild life, Snow Canyon Lava Tubes and much more check out the link to Snow Canyon State Parks brochure:

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